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Whole Sale

This program is geared towards SERIOUS and committed investors!  You will receive access to all of the Royal Dream Hair Textures at wholesale price.


Due to the content of this program, full details will NOT be given until after you have enrolled.

The initial enrollment fee is $50

**Detailed information and price list is covered in the enrollment fee**

Once you have enrolled you will receive detailed info. & price list via email.


Please fill out the information below and request your invoice to be sent to you via the email

 you provide.  The invoice will send within one business day of your request

and will cancel within 4 days if not paid.


This non-refundable fee will be added to your package total price. 


Make REAL MONEY selling your clients REAL HAIR!
Become an RDH distributor and have access to the BEST hair! 

Success! Message received.

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